Three top looks you can get with sheet vinyl flooring

Three top looks you can get with sheet vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent choice if you need a fantastic decor match for your home. There are plenty of options to match every space in your home, and you'll want to know more about them.

If you've never browsed the visual offerings in this flooring line, this is a great time to do it. Here are three top looks you'll find in this flooring line.

Consider these looks as you shop for vinyl flooring

1. Color trends

Color trends can cater to your decor matching needs and include various options—high variation, gray, light, and whitewash vinyl sheet colors, and popular.

These choices will match a wide variety of visual needs you may have. And they help keep you current longer, with easy-to-match options.

2. Style trends

Style is a big deal for decor matching and includes options like wood and stone look products. But more decorative vinyl flooring options are also available.

With the right style, you'll enjoy a specific decor match that could keep you current for years. These visuals have a lasting appeal that matches, even if you change your decor.

3. Layout trends

Depending on the sheet vinyl flooring format you choose, you'll enjoy a variety of installation layouts. These include wide-plank, large format, herringbone, and geometric patterns.
Each one can cater to many different decor schemes that serve you well. And should you design to add a new visual in the future, they'll still be amazing.

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